Early Music Festival

The Stary Sącz Early Music Festival is the most important festival for Stary Sącz. Since 1975 the Festival has been held in this alluring venue at the end of June and the beginning of July. Being renowned for night performances of old European music by the world's most famous artists and ensembles, the Festival is based on cultivating authentic early music tradition in the Poor Clares convent - the place famous for the discovery of the earliest known vintage old prints in Poland and Europe that contain chamber music. First editions of the Festival were initiated by the composer and music conductor Stanisław Gałoński, a graduate of the Cracow Academy of Music and the creator of the acclaimed music ensemble and symphonic choir Capella Cracoviensis. With the help of his wife, Bogna Gałońska, and a group of local enthusiasts supported by civil authorities as well as the Mother Superior of the Poor Clare’s convent and the parish priest of the local congregation, the Stary Sącz Early Music Festival came into being. Concerts take place in both the convent church and parish church. Very best Festival musicians, an outstanding visual setting, excellent interior acoustics and the beauty of the town make the Festival an intimate and unforgettable experience for a wide circle of its faithful friends.